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Quince Tea


. Quince Tea

Strengthens heart, Nourishing the stomach and digestive system, Stops the bleeding, Makes sweat smell sweet, Rejuvenates the skin and hair.




Mixed Fruit tea

. Mixed Fruit tea

Reduces weight, Anti-common cold, Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, liver cleansing tonic, Eliminate fatigue, Rich in vitamins (vitamin C), Rich in Antioxidant, Boosts immune system, Strengthens nervous system.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rose hip, Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Orange peel, Raisin, Natural Flavouring.



. Pink Rose Bud

Eliminates romanticism ace, Increases sex drive, Strengthens heart and stomach, Anti-stress.





. Hibiscus Tea

Including vitamin C, Calcium, Reduces blood pressure and Cholesterol, Boosts immune system and heart, Antioxidant and preventing the common cold.





. Borage

Blood purifier, Strengthens kidneys, Anti-common cold, Relaxing, Effective in bronchitis treatment.







Strengthens nervous system, Treats gastritis and Wounds, Reduces migraine pain, Calms Muscle Spasms.





 . Green Tea

Rich in Antioxidant, Prevents Cancer, weight loss, Rejuvenates the skin, Reduces blood pressure and Cholesterol, preventing osteoporosis, Reduces Psoriatic Arthritis.




. Saffron

Strengthens memory, Joyful, Increased sex drive, Blood making, Reduces Cholesterol, Liver cleansing, Anti-depressant, Strengthens stomach.



.Mixed Tea

Strengthens heart and kidneys, preventing the common cold, Relaxing, Treats Insomnia, Increases Sex drive, Eliminate Colic.





herbal_tea_pot. Mixed Herbal Tea

Calms your nerves & Relaxation, Anti-anxiety & apprehension, Anti-obesity, Helps to have a quiet sleep, Helps to the function of stomach in digestive system, lowering blood pressure, liver cleansing,  Regulates the blood flow, increased sexuality, Improves lung function & respiratory tract, Strengthens energy & students memory.

Ingredients: Pink Rose Bud, Yellow Rose Bud, Linden, Marshmallow, Orange Flower, Lime, Chamomile, Borage, Lavender, Melissa, Hibiscus, Verbena.